An Interior Designer's role is to create functional, safe, efficient,
comfortable, beautiful interior spaces that are fit for their purpose.

Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry & Custom Joinery Design

As open plan living has become such a strong trend within our living environments, the requirement for a statement kitchen has become extremely important. When it comes to design, a quality design needs to fulfil functionality, aesthetic and even social requirements. I take into account all of the factors that will influence the way you and or your family, friends or patrons will use your space. Let’s design something that is going to be as practical as possible but also timeless and beautiful too!


Colours, Finishes, Fixtures & Fitting Selection

For many, it can be a very tricky and sometimes an overwhelming task choosing colours for a living room, tiles and layout for a bathroom, finishes for the full exterior of a home or even a scheme for a cool cafe! That’s where I can give you a helping hand. Whether you’re time poor or don’t have a clue about what you want, I can offer you a partial to full service that will take the stress out of the situation. I can discuss ideas, show you options or bring the colours/finishes/schemes to you or your builder.


Space Planning, Furniture Selection & Property Styling

Are you after some professional advice so that you can use your space most effectively? Would you benefit from a non-structural wall being removed or the reconfiguration of your existing floor plan? Do you need to add some dividing walls? Do you need some direction in choosing key furniture items, window treatments, accents? Does your space just not feel finished? Would you like me to style your entire home? I am here to help. Let’s book a 2 hour consultation and discuss your concerns.

What’s Your Style?

Choose Your Paint | Flooring | Material | Tiles

Decide which material, cut, and size is best for your home.

Beautiful and Clean

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary to go and relax, re-energise or read.

Line, Shape, Form, Space, Colour & Texture.

Think Practically

The home has endless Love, Laughter and Laundry.

Makes the best possible use of the available space.

Consider The Principles Of Design

Balance, proportion, perspective, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition, rhythm, variety, harmony and unity.

Tahnee Symons

I am passionate about what I do. I enjoy it and I am good at it.
I am here to get excited through the process with you.
Let’s make this fun!
I am a real-world designer, I want you, your family, your friends, your patrons to be able to use and enjoy the space we have created in the greatest, most practical, most efficient ways possible. Let’s look at what we can do within your budget!

Tahnee Symons

MintConstruct Lighting Selection
Main Beach Kitchen Design
Texture & Colour Selections
Fittings Selections

Why Choose Tahnee Symons Designs

Turning a house into a beautiful home, an empty shell into a unique, appealing and profitable café, updating a kitchen, bathroom or even just laundry can be an intimidating task – one of the biggest challenges is knowing how to bring a concept, room, property together to achieve that ‘finished look’- creating a space that combines all of its elements so that style, colour, mood, contrast, comfort, convenience and fit all work in harmony with one another.

Having my children has allowed me to view interior design and decoration from a working mother’s perspective. When creating my concepts within a family home I understand the importance of still needing to think logically and keep the spaces family friendly. We should be inspired by the beauty design brings into our homes, it should stimulate our senses as well as fulfil our practical needs. I look to create functional and aesthetically exciting spaces for the whole family.

I am equipped with the knowledge and resources that will help to accommodate most budgets and am happy to take on all size jobs single roomed residential through to multi-level commercial. I will incorporate client’s tastes, sentimental preferences, compulsory requirements and lifestyle into a simple seamless design plan creating enhancement of appearance, aesthetic balance, enriching ambience but also functionality.

I will NOT use your money to do pretty drawings that take hours to complete. It is completely your choice if you need to employ a designer that is going to charge you for hours spent drawing up pretty renders on the computer for you to look at. I will however provide you with everything you need to be able to visualize your project well enough to have confidence that It is going to be a success.