An Interior Designer's role is to create functional, safe, efficient,
comfortable, beautiful interior spaces that are fit for their purpose.

Tahnee Symons

My background
Hi There!
My name is Tahnee Symons and I grew up in the Northern Rivers coastal town of Pottsville before heading north to Robina on the Gold Coast - an area that I truly love to live in.

I was also very lucky to grow up in an incredibly creative home environment, being nurtured by two extremely resourceful and inspiring parents. My Mum is the most creative person I know, she has a very good eye for detail and an enduring patience, which enabled her to design all three of our family homes.

While Dad built the homes, my Mum experimented with other creative aspects including working with clay, painting art and even making jewellery and she always encourage my sister and I to join in.

When my Dad wasn’t building any of our three homes he utilised his spare time building some of the most beautiful furniture I have seen - much of it was constructed with hardwood using gorgeous resin inlays. He also created the most amazing mosaic wall murals.

Tahnee Symons
When I was 8 years old, I would spend my pocket money on specific decorations for my bedroom, wall hangings to match curtains, cushions to match quilt covers…

At 11 years old I designed my own ultimate kids bedroom with the help of my incredibly supportive parents. I designed a custom wall shelf, computer desk and entertainment unit. My bedroom was painted with 4 different colours from ceiling to skirting board, matching the quilt cover and all the accessories perfectly suited to the space. I knew then that I wanted to do something creative with my life.

In year 12 at High School, I consistently received high distinctions in design & technology along with visual arts.

After High School I worked in the retail industry as a store manager within department stores. Whilst in this role I developed a passion for Visual Merchandising. From there I decided to pursue my design career by studying for a diploma of Interior Design & Decoration which incorporated visual merchandising modules. It was here that I discovered my true passion and slight obsession with Interior design.